Blue-lidded bins - Fortnightly collection of Plastic Bottles & Cardboard

Plastic Bottles

What plastic bottles will be recycled?

  • Soft drink bottles
  • Milk bottles
  • Washing up liquid bottles
  • Shampoo bottles
  • Household cleanser bottles

    • Please do not put other plastics in the recycling bin.

South Newton, Wishford and Stapleford WI. April meeting plus Apr walk & 5 May meeting details here

Parish Council Meeting:

Wed 06 Apr 16. Draft Minutes are here.
Next Meeting - Annual General Meeting Wed 11 May 16 at 7.30pm. Agenda is here


What cardboard will be collected for recycling?

Yes please No thank you
Cereal boxes Take-away food packaging
Corrugated cardboard Disposable drinks cups
Cardboard sleeves Waxed cartons eg: Tetra Paks (Fruit Juice, milk)
Paper fibre egg boxes Waxed boxes or packaging
Clean frozen food boxes Boxes containing food remnants eg: pizza boxes
Cardboard tubes (eg from toilet/kitchen rolls) Boxes with plastic windows
Shoe boxes Books
Greetings cards

200 Club - Apr Winners, details here

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