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Wed 9th May 18.  Minutes


Next Meeting Wed 6th Jun 18 at 7.30pm. Agenda.

Swans WI.  June meeting report plus May walk & 5th July meeting details 

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St Andrew's Church - and a "Thank You" from the  Parochial Church Council


An Extract from Secretary's Report

Chairman's Report 2011



Good evening Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the A.G.M. of the Parish Council for 2011, as in previous years may I welcome you to the meeting and ask anyone with a view or a matter concerning the Parish to express their views here tonight.


Last year I had to perform the sad task of informing you of the death of one of our long standing parish councillors, namely Don Fardell. Unfortunately I have to inform you of yet another death.

Cresswell Butters had to resign for health reasons in April last year having been our previous Chairman, I mentioned this last year in my report. His health continued to deteriorate last summer until he finally passed away at home on the 12th of June 2010. Cresswell put a great deal of his time and energy into the work of the Council, I wanted to mention his effort’s and send his wife Elizabeth our dearest thought’s and condolences.


I must mention the departure of Denis Barry. Denis resigned two months ago having left the village following his retirement as proprietor of Glenside Manor  to his new home in Hindon, he was a long standing member of the committee and had served for several years, we wish both him and his wife Claire all the very best for the future.


Wiltshire Council is now in full swing, there are still many thing’s for us all to get used to, but I am sure we will eventually find the working’s of the council as second nature.


Trying to get thing’s done is not easy following the financial restraint’s put upon us by central government and Wiltshire council. We are still very much looking for improvement’s to the A36 and the introduction of the crossing at Stoford, we have a letter informing us that the finances should be in place for the crossing to be constructed in 2013-2014, this is not ideal but these are the kind of time delay’s we have to deal with, I can only ask for you all to be patient and we will try to move thing’s forward quicker if we possibly can.


A meeting has recently taken place between member’s of the Parish Council, our local M.P. John Glen and the highway’s agency to establish an agenda for the repair’s and improvement’s to the A 36, this was a step forward which we hope will lead to a much better repaired road in our villages.

Crime on our patch is I believe very much under control, our local Police Officer’s are doing a great job for us, they are a great team and always send us regular reports of what is going on and react very quickly if any crime is happening locally. We had one crime that was not officially resolved on our patch and I must say that I was very disappointed with not catching the offender’s. The new slide in the play area was attacked with an axe or similar weapon causing £2,000 worth of damage, many hours of hard work and fund raising went into the construction of the play park and this was one event that I hope will never be repeated. The vandalism was I hope only a one off foolish act by somebody who I hope is very much ashamed by their action’s, I ask every member of the community to be vigilant and help us stamp out idiotic damage to any property in the villages.


The recycling bins are still being used to great effect in the village, the clothes bin for the benefit of the Air Ambulance is a welcome addition with the money raised helping to keep the helicopter in the air. This bin is on the car park at South Newton so for those of you who don’t know of it’s existence please use it if you can for the good of everybody.


The Village Hall as you can see is still a great asset for all in the community, however we have one problem that will need addressing in the not to distant future. The changing room’s are situated in the old hall across the way and the building is not getting any younger, a new building will be needed, this will need help from everybody concerned in local sport and plans will hopefully be drawn up in the near future to push thing’s in the right direction. The Parish Council will give all the support it can to the sports club’s, I hope all interested parties will help with the inevitable works required.


The Football Club six-a-side tournament will go ahead again this year on June the 19th, (Father’s Day), many father’s who help with the organisation of the event don’t get much of a day off as they are busy from early morning getting the goal’s up etc. This is a wonderful occasion for everybody and I just wanted to give a bit of recognition and praise to all involved, Well Done!


Please attend if you can and support your local football club and village hall on a very enjoyable day for all.


Please look out for future fund raising event’s throughout the year, notices will be put up locally to advertise events as they occur, most of them are great fun and a good laugh!

Before I close I would like to thank our clerk ‘Ali Simons’ who again has done a wonderful job for  the Parish Council, It is not an easy job dealing with different problems and items in the climate we have at the moment, but Ali attacks them all on our behalf with great determination and above all, a positive attitude. Thank You Ali!


I would also like to thank Richard Beattie our Wiltshire Councillor for his support throughout the year and all the other members of the Parish Council who turn up every month (come rain or shine) to try and make things just a little bit better for our community.


With Denis Barry leaving the parish as I stated earlier, a position has come available for a new councillor. If anybody would like to possibly take up this position would they like to contact the Parish Council and we will give their application due consideration.


May I lastly thank you all for coming this evening and I look forward to any questions or concerns you may have with matter’s concerning the village. Thank You.


                                                                                                   Derek Blake (Chairman).