South Newton & Stoford, Wiltshire, UK

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Parish Council Meeting:

Wed 01 Feb 17. Draft Minutes are here. 


Next Meeting Wed 01 Mar 17 at 7.30pm.   Agenda is here

South Newton, Wishford and Stapleford WI renamed Swans WI.  Feb meeting report plus January walk & 02 Mar meeting details here 

Local Government, Parish Newsletters etc here

200 Club - January Winners, details here


Valley Art; details here

Draft Minutes - 02 Feb 17 Meeting


Held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 2nd February, 2017 at 7.30 pm


Present:             Cllr D. Blake (Chair), C. Webb (Clerk), Cllr L. Sherlock, Cllr N. Blake, Cllr. H. Bryans,

                           Cllr M. Pont

Apologies:         Cllr H. Swanton, Cllr. J. Green, Cllr K Norman, Cllr. Peter Edge (Wiltshire Council)

                           Cllr R. Henstridge,


1.   MINUTES – The Minutes of the last meeting on Wednesday 4th January, 2017 were agreed and signed as correct and an accurate account of the meeting.    



          a)    Stiles at South Newton and Stoford- Cllr. D. Blake confirmed in hand

           b)    Re-painting of 30 M.P.H. sign Stoford. - C.A.T.G. meeting – still in hand C283 now to be made top 5 priority. Awaiting C.A.T.G.

           meeting, 15th February.

           c)    Parking Issues on hammerhead at Vale View Road junction – In hand.

           d)    Loose slabs and kerbstones – Clerk confirmed to chase Wiltshire Council reference 793682.

           e)    Drain adjacent to traffic lights, South Newton –photos of flooding to be sent to Highways.

           f)    Wessex Drainage – Cllr. N. Blake confirmed slowly being cleared.

           g)    Replacement board for noticeboard, Stoford – Cllr. D. Blake confirmed in hand.

           h)    Parking lines Oak Close and Jubilee Close, South Newton – awaiting report from Wiltshire Councillor P Edge.

           i)     Street Lights on Oak Close not working – Cllr D. Blake confirmed reported via app.    


3.  Wiltshire Councillors Report – Apologies were accepted from Cllr P. Edge.  An email from Cllr Edge was read out by Chairman Cllr. D. Blake.  

  • A meeting has been scheduled for 18th February, Baptist Church Wilton to discuss latest position of Wilton Parkway Scheme.  

  • Wiltshire Council precept will rise by 4.99% after ratification.  

  • The new assistant Chief Fire Officer confirmed as Mr. Ben Ansell.  

  • A traffic warden will visit South Newton to review parking concerns.  

  • The next C.A.T.G. meeting will be on 8th February at Tisbury.


4.  Area Board Meeting – 1st February. 2017, Mere.



            a.  Accidents – Lorry and car collision opposite Glenside Manor Nursing Home, South Newton 20th January.  

            b. i) Declaration of interest – None

                ii) Planning applications –  Stoford Hill Buildings, Middle Woodford, E. F. Huntley and Son, change of use from agricultural to

                Class B2 (general industry).        

            c. Rights of Way – None        

            d. Environmental/Amenities –  Food waste digesters details to be put on website.

            e. Website – 4,861 visitors for January 2017.                  

            f. A36/C283 – Cllr. M. Pont confirmed potholes have become worse. A meeting with County Council to discuss C.A.T.G. concerns

            booked for 15th February 10 a.m.



            a) Payment to Clerk – January 2017 passed

            b) H.M.R.C. payment passed.

            c) Parish Magazine Invoice – Council agreed to pay with reserve the right to query any further increases.        


7.  VILLAGE HALL – Cllr N. Blake confirmed Film Night and Breakfast mornings in January were well supported and the halls are continually being used on a regular basis.  Details of all events are on the website -  


8.   CORRESPONDENCE: The Great British Spring Clean: Cllr N. Blake and Cllr L. Sherlock to organise details.  Date of event : Saturday 4th March.




Cllr L. Sherlock asked for:

  • Potholes at St. Andrews Road be reported to Parish Steward.  

  • Clerk to chase for quotations for cutting of grass in Vale View Road Playground.  

  • Clerk to report again the missing pane of glass in bus shelter, South Newton.


Cllr M. Pont reported potholes re-appeared on road to Great Wishford before Wishford Bridge, clerk to report.


Cllr N. Blake reported a pothole on Oak Close car park, Clerk to report to Parish Steward.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.40 p.m.


NEXT MEETING will take place on Wednesday 1st March, 2017 at 7.30pm, at the Village Hall