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Parish Council Meeting:

Wed 10 May 17.  Draft Minutes are here. 


Next Meeting Wed 07 Jun 17 at 7.30pm.   Agenda is here  

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Draft Minutes - 10 May 17 Meeting


Held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 10th May, 2017 at 7.30 pm


Present:            Cllr D. Blake (Chair), Cllr L. Sherlock, Cllr N. Blake, Cllr. H. Bryans, Cllr M. Pont, Cllr. H. Swanton      

Also present:   Mrs C. Webb (Clerk), Cllr Pauline Church (Wiltshire Council)

Apologies:         Cllr R. Henstridge, Cllr C. Swanton, Cllr K. Norman



Vote for Chairman and Vice Chairman

Cllr. L. Sherlock proposed that the election of Cllr. D. Blake as Chairman and Cllr. N. Blake as Vice Chairman this was seconded by Cllr. H. Bryans.  All Councillors present voted unanimously in favour of both proposals.


1.   MINUTES – The Minutes of the last meeting on Wednesday 5thApril, 2017 were agreed and signed as correct and an accurate account of the meeting.



           a)    Stiles at The Folly, South Newton and Mount Pleasant, Stoford -  Cllr. D. Blake confirmed in hand.

           b)    Re-painting of 30 M.P.H. sign Stoford. – C.A.T.G. report.

           c)    Parking Issues on hammerhead at Vale View Road junction – Cllrs. N. Blake and R. Henstridge confirmed

                  this continues to be a problem.  A request of double yellow lines along St. Andrews Road was made.

           d)    Loose slabs and kerbstones – Cllr D. Blake confirmed this has now been resolved.

           e)    Drain adjacent to traffic lights, South Newton – Highways continue to investigate.

           f)    Wessex Drainage – Cllr. N. Blake confirmed still a large amount of rubbish needs to be cleared.

           g)    Replacement board for noticeboard, Stoford – Cllr. D. Blake confirmed in hand.

           h)    Parking lines Oak Close and Jubilee Close, South Newton – Clerk confirmed to be reported to Street scene.

           i)     Grass cutting on Vale View Road Play Area – Thanks passed to Cllr. N. Blake for organising grass cutting.

           j)     Bus shelter missing glass – Clerk confirmed reported to Wiltshire Council.

           k)    Parking of caravans at South Newton Council Car Park – Cllr R Henstridge to report.

           l)     Picnic tables – Thanks were passed to Cllr. N. Blake for donation of 2 picnic tables.

           m)   Hedge cutting 9 Vale View Road – Now resolved.

           n)    Hedge at Newlands, South Newton – Scheduled to be cut within two weeks.

           o)    Paint on Play Area equipment – No further action required.


3.    Wiltshire Councillors Report: - Cllr. Pauline Church reported that the main priorities of Wiltshire County Council in 2017/18 would be:

  • Protecting the venerable adults and children in care within Wiltshire.  Safeguarding has been identified as a very important issue, together with child exploitation and slave labour.  

  • The protection of the local economy with the rebasing of 1/3 of the British Army to be relocated to Wiltshire

            by 2020.  

  • The A350 / A36 infrastructure will become a focus with the two major Companies creating jobs in Wiltshire, 5,000 in North Wiltshire (Dyson) and Boeing moving to Boscombe Down.  

  • Wiltshire Council will be looking for communities to take on more responsibility.  

  • Wilton Railway Station – awaiting the publication of the Feasibility Study.  Linking from Southampton Airport to Wilton Station and possible connection to London.  Many support this project and hope to get Railway Operators to take on project.  Concerns have been raised over possible increase in traffic. Cost approximately £5-6 million.      


4.     Area Board Meeting – Wednesday 31st May, at Broadchalke


5.     STANDING AGENDA ITEMS          

          a.  Accidents –  Chillhampton – 2 Cars involved

          b. i) Declaration of interest – None                    

              ii) Planning applications –  None

          c. Rights of Way – Cllr. H. Swanton confirmed a barrier has been erected at the entrance to the Sewerage Works to avoid fly tipping.

          d. Environmental/Amenities – None

          e. Website - April 2017 – 5,070 visitors.  Thanks were passed to Cllr. L. Sherlock for her continued work of publishing events and

          information on the website.      

          f. A36/C283 –  Area Cllr. P. Church will report back at the next meeting of any updates.  Cllr. M. Pont raised concerns of increased

          traffic of lorries on the C283 and of possible increase of coaches using this road.

          g. Parish Steward – Clerk to ask for the cutting back of the hedge at the end of Vale View Road in June 2017 and cutting back the

          hedge at the top of South Newton Trading (If the responsibility of Wiltshire Council).


6.    FINANCE 

          a) Payment to Clerk passed.


7.    CORRESPONDENCE: Community First – Insurance renewal – Council agreed quotation, clerk to arrange payment.



  • Monthly breakfast mornings are still very popular.  

  • The Film Nights have now stopped for the Summer.  

  • The weekly bingo and 200 Club continues to be supported.  The New and Old Hall continue to be used regularly.  

  • New avenues and grants for the new extension and changing room project are being pursued.  

  • The New Hall will have two new cookers installed shortly.

Details of all events are on the website -




  • Cllr M. Pont – confirmed will clear the bus shelters. The Number 2 bus is safe until July 2018 and the 265 is now running every two hours.  O.A.P. tickets can now be used from 9.00 a.m. Steeple Langford to Salisbury except Bank Holidays and Sundays.


  • Cllr L. Sherlock – The hedge behind the bus shelter needs to be trimmed, Cllr. D. Blake to cut.  Housing Meetings have now been cancelled at South Newton and will now be at Wilton.  Will put a note in the Parish Magazine.  Cllr. Sherlock raised concerns about a near accident with a car when children playing football in the car park and asked for the Play Area upgrade to incorporate a football area and a basketball net be prioritised, £5000 required.  Will put a notice in the Parish Magazine about the safety of children and speeding cars.


  • Cllr. D. Blake – A letter was read out from a resident of Stoford raising concerns about the increase of car transporters, lorries, the general increase of heavy transport and the speed of traffic. Awaiting conclusions of the C.A.T.G. meeting.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.40 p.m.


NEXT MEETING will be Wednesday 7th June, 2017 at 7.30pm, South Newton and Wishford Village Hall.