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Parish Council Meeting:

Wed 01 Jun 16. Minutes are here. 


Next Meeting Wed 06 Jul 16 at 7.30pm.   Agenda is here


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Minutes - 01 June 16 Meeting


Held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 1st June, 2016 at 7.35 pm


Present:             Cllr D Blake (Chairman), C. Webb (Clerk), Cllr M. Pont, Cllr. N. Blake

                          Cllr. H. Bryans, Cllr. J. Green, Cllr L. Sherlock, Cllr H. Swanton, Cllr K Norman

In Attendance:  Cllr Peter Edge (Wiltshire Council)

Apologies:         Cllr R. Henstridge


1.   MINUTES – The Minutes of the last meeting on Wednesday 11th May, 2016 were agreed and signed as correct.



           a)    Stiles at South Newton and Stoford - Cllr. D. Blake confirmed repairs in hand.

           b)    Re-painting of 30 M.P.H. sign Stoford.- C.A.T.G. meeting.

           c)    Parking Issues on hammerhead at Vale View Road junction – Cllr. N. Blake reported that the situation in general, a lot easier but

           still remains an issue and will chase up skips in carpark.

           d)    Public footpath around field adjacent to Bonham’s Bridge – Cllr. R. Henstridge reported mowing the path by the end of June.

           e)    Loose slabs and kerbstones – Cllr R Henstridge reported on Wiltshire app and in hand.

           f)     Layby/ Bus Stop at Stoford – Highways have confirmed to the Clerk that the drain capacity is not able to cope with large excesses    

           of storm water due to size of outlet.

           g)    Drain adjacent to traffic lights, South Newton – Highways to look into.

           h)    Cover missing on a service hole, A36 pavement South Newton – Cllr. R. Henstridge to report on Wiltshire App.


3.   Wiltshire Councillor’s Report – Cllr P. Edge confirmed:

  • The next Area Board meeting will be at South Newton Village Hall.

  • At the C.A.T.G. meeting the C283 was discussed and the concerns raised are being looked into.


4.   AREA BOARD – Next meeting at South Newton Village Hall, 27th July, 2016.



         a.  Accidents- A van rolled over at Chillhampton, no-one injured.  Lorry hit wall at Swan Inn, Stoford

         b. i) Declaration of interest – None

             ii) Planning applications – The Hay Barn, Stoford – no objections raised by Councillors.

         c. Rights of Way – None

         d. Environmental/Amenities –  Thanks to Cllr. N. Blake for walking South Newton Village to litter pick.

         e. Website – Mr. T. Wilton confirmed 5,998 visitors this May which is a drop when compared to May 2015

         which was 7,282. Correction from last month’s minutes “a drop in numbers but this does include people who

         access via mobile devices.

         f. A36/C283 – C283 discussed at May C.A.T.G. meeting.


6.     FINANCE

           a)  Payment to Clerk – May, 2016 passed.

           b) Insurance payment passed.


7.     VILLAGE HALL   Cllr. H. Bryans confirmed:

  • Successful Breakfast Morning,

  • This year’s Fete has been cancelled due to lack of Volunteers and will be replaced by a Barn Dance on the same date Saturday 9th July, 2016.

  • Six a side completion on Saturday 18th June and Sunday 19th June.

Details of all events are on the website -


8.   CORRESPONDENCE:  Clerk confirmed letters of thanks received from Parish Magazine and The Thursday Club.




  • Cllr H. Bryans reported problems with drain near telephone box at South Newton – Cllr. R. Henstridge will report on Wiltshire app.


  • Cllr. D. Blake expressed concerns relating to materials left by Wessex Drainage when they vacated the unit at South Newton Trading Estate.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.40 p.m.


NEXT MEETING will take place on Wednesday 6th July, 2016 at 7.30pm, at the Village Hall.