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Parish Council Meeting:

Wed 06 Jul 16. Minutes are here. 


Next Meeting Wed 07 Sep 16 at 7.30pm.   Agenda is here

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Minutes - 06 July 16 Meeting


Held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 6th July, 2016 at 7.35 pm


Present:             Cllr D Blake (Chairman), C. Webb (Clerk), Cllr M. Pont, Cllr R. Henstridge,

                          Cllr. H. Bryans, Cllr. J. Green, Cllr L. Sherlock,

Apologies:         Cllr. Peter Edge (Wiltshire Council), Cllr H. Swanton, Cllr K Norman, Cllr N. Blake


1.     MINUTES – The Minutes of the last meeting on Wednesday 1st June, 2016 were agreed and signed as correct



           a)    Stiles at South Newton and Stoford - Cllr. D. Blake confirmed repairs in hand, Cllr L. Sherlock asked for bamboo overgrowth to be

           cut back.

           b)    Re-painting of 30 M.P.H. sign Stoford. - C.A.T.G. meeting – still in hand.  

           c)    Parking Issues on hammerhead at Vale View Road junction – Cllr. D. Blake reported still causing safety issue concerns when

           lorries have to mount pavements to pass.

           d)    Public footpath around field adjacent to Bonham’s Bridge – Cllr. R. Henstridge and Cllr. D. Blake to check with Wiltshire Council

           about cutting path edges.  Clerk to contact parishioner re overhanging trees at entrance to Bonham’s Bridge pathway.

           e)    Loose slabs and kerbstones – Cllr R Henstridge to report loose kerbstones on Vale View Road.

           f)     Layby/ Bus Stop at Stoford –  Clerk to chase Highways that the drain capacity is not able to cope with large excesses of storm

          water due to size of outlet.

           g)    Drain adjacent to traffic lights, South Newton –Clerk to chase Highways.

           h)    Cover missing on a service hole, A36 pavement South Newton – Clerk to report on Wiltshire App.

           I)     Drain near telephone box at South Newton – now resolved.  

           j)     Drain on entrance to Oak Close – Cllr. D. Blake has reported blockage on Wiltshire App.

           k)    Wessex Drainage – Cllr. D. Blake commented that a possible clearance was in progress.


3.     Wiltshire Councillor’s Report –  Cllr P. Edge not in attendance.  Report  at next meeting 7th September, 2016.


4.     AREA BOARD – Next meeting at South Newton Village Hall, 27th July, 2016



         a.  Accidents- Two accidents reported this month

              a) One accident on A36 East Cliffe, Steeple Langford.

              b)  A fatal accident approaching Stapleford Corner.

         Cllr H. Bryans expressed concerns over early morning speeding vehicles through South Newton, 30 mph Speed limit zone being

         exceeded regularly.

         b. i) Declaration of interest – None

             ii) Planning applications – Mr. and Ms. Dunn, Bonham Lodge, South Newton – Councillors discussed and passed with no


         c. Rights of Way – Cllr. R. Henstridge expressed concerns about overgrown walkway adjacent to the river from the Mill to the weir at

         South Newton.

         d. Environmental/Amenities –  Skips have now been removed from South Newton Car Park.

         e. Website – 5,257 visitors in June 2016.

         f. A36/C283 – Cllr D. Blake to report re-occurring potholes on A36/ C283, Cllr M. Pont expressed concerns for the safety of cyclists.


6.   FINANCE a) Payment to Clerk – June, 2016 passed.        


7.   VILLAGE HALL – Cllr H. Bryans confirmed that:

  • The six a side was once again a great success.  

  • Summer Barn Dance Saturday 9th July, tickets available.

  • Proposed Dog Show and Car Boot Sale, Saturday 17th September.

Details of all events are on the website -


8.   CORRESPONDENCE:  Clerk confirmed acceptance letter received from Wiltshire Council concerning registration of Community Asset of Bell Inn, South Newton.




  • Cllr M. Pont expressed concerns relating to overhanging hedge adjacent to Bus Stop at Stoford, Clerk will  write to parishioner.  Small area of overgrowth adjacent to Great Wishford Bridge needs cutting, Clerk to contact Wilton Estate.                  

  • Cllr J. Green requested a replacement board for the Stoford Noticeboard.  Cllr D. Blake to organise.

  • Cllr L. Sherlock reported an area of overgrowth to the rear of Wilton Estate cottages on St. Andrews Road which is encroaching pathway.  Clerk to contact Wilton Estate.

  • Cllr R. Henstridge reported a sunken drain outside of Town and Country Cars and also remarking of parking lines on Oak Close and Jubilee Close car parks.  Will report both on Wiltshire App.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.


NEXT MEETING will take place on Wednesday 7th September, 2016 at 7.30pm, at the Village Hall