South Newton & Stoford, Wiltshire, UK


Parish Council Meeting:

Wed 9th May 18.  Minutes


Next Meeting Wed 6th Jun 18 at 7.30pm. Agenda.

Swans WI.  June meeting report plus May walk & 5th July meeting details 

200 Club - May Winners


Valley Art; details here

St Andrew's Church - and a "Thank You" from the  Parochial Church Council


An Extract from Secretary's Report

South West Wilts Community Blogsite

From: Stephen Harris Community Area Manager (South West Wiltshire)


Dear all,


 Thank you to those who were able to attend the launch today of the new community blogsite in South West Wiltshire; the site is now live and you can access it via the link below:


If you have any issues or questions about using the site then please let me know; if I’m passing through your area I’m more than happy to drop by and show you how quickly you can post events, courses and news items or just give your opinion on something that you have seen on the site.  If you notice any glitches then again please inform me so that we can get things ironed out as soon as possible.  The site will only be as successful as the number of people who use it, so I really hope that groups and individuals in the area will be able to make use of such a useful tool.


 If your local group/club/organisation has a website that we can provide a link to just let me know the details.  Also, if you have a twitter account please follow @SW_Wiltshire which is the account I run for the Area Board.  I will then be able to add your account to the list of those pulled in by the website.


I’ve attached a flyer that you can pass on/use in whatever way possible.  If you would like printed copies then just ask; I will be gradually getting them out into the community as well but would appreciate you helping me to target them where they will be most likely to make an impact in your community.