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South Newton Community Speed Watch (CSW)

Stuck what to get your loved one for a Birthday or Anniversary present?! Keen to find out what it's like to use a speed camera?! Want to have some fun and join the Community Speed Watch team for a session to help keep our roads safe?! If yes, please contact John Derryman ( or 07703 629101) and you'll be provided with a free (Yes, Free!) personalised voucher for a supervised session.


Community Speed Watch Sign


FACT: Drivers are twice as likely to kill someone when travelling at 35mph than they are at 30mph.


You may remember that the A303 was closed for some time on 24th July due to a road traffic collision. As a result, the Speed Enforcement Team headed into the area to support local towns and villages in dealing with a sudden influx of traffic, and tried to visit as many hot spots as possible. Stoford and South Newton were especially busy.

Speed Enforcement caught 6 vehicles speeding within the 30mph limitation on 24th July outside Manor Farm in South Newton over the course of around 30 minutes. The fastest vehicle was captured travelling at 42mph.

Depending on previous convictions and history all 6 drivers will be offered a speed awareness course. Proceedings will now be undertaken to ensure the most appropriate outcome for the offenders takes place.
Speed Enforcement Officer Debbi Hide 70349


Records indicate that the recent Speed Enforcement Team activities have resulted in a total of 91 drivers being offered the opportunity to participate in a speed awareness course and 12 drivers receiving a fine as well as points on their licence.


In-between the many July showers our local Community Speed Watch (CSW) team sessions have continued at locations along the A36 and C283 in South Newton and Stoford, identifying over 50 vehicles speeding in excess of 36mph.

Sincere thanks to our small number of volunteers, without whom the speed watch activity would not be possible. If you would like to become a CSW volunteer, please contact Steve Black (Tel: 07510 391900 or Email: ).

Speeding through our villages – how you can help. (First published 15th Dec 2020)


Earlier in 2020, my family and I were delighted to move to South Newton from the centre of Salisbury. I am grateful to everyone who has made us feel welcome.


Like you I am sure, the excessive speed of traffic through our villages is causing me a great deal of concern.  I run regularly along parts of the A36 and also take our children to school in Salisbury.  Too often I have seen transport lorries or speeding drivers thundering too close to our pavements.  From speaking with the South Newton and Stoford Parish Council members, I know this is a long-standing issue and there have been serious accidents and fatalities. Another problem is the quality of road signs and road paint – inadequate and sun faded.

Recently, I reported a Highways Maintenance lorry for dangerous driving (very clearly speeding through our village and over the white line).  The Highways Agency told me to telephone 101 and report it.  I did so and the lady was very helpful, took the registration, but unfortunately advised that, without an independent witness, no action would be taken. If just two of us report the registration of a speeding vehicle to 101, I have been told the Police will take action.  The more of us that report, the higher a priority the matter becomes to the Police.


I have been in contact with John Glen, MP, Cllr Pauline Church, the Chief Constable for Wiltshire, Cllr Philip Whitehead, Leader of Wiltshire Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner to express my concerns about the daily risks to pedestrians and road users and make suggestions for improvements.  All have responded, acknowledging the problems and I appreciate their support.  Our Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Jerry Herbert, kindly visited me at home (socially distanced) and was very helpful with suggestions and also in supporting actions that are needed.


I have been told that during the first six months of 2021, the Highways Agency will review and replace sun faded road signs and paint – my thanks to PC James Barrett and others who have arranged this.


Early in January 2021, I have been advised that a traffic monitoring system will be installed near St Andrew’s Church to measure the volume and speed of traffic.  My thanks to Cllr Pauline Church and Cllr Derek Blake for arranging this. Subject to the monitoring meeting the criteria, we will be able to form our own Community Speed Watch (CSW) team.


CSW is a national initiative where active members of local communities join together, with the support of the Police, to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection devices. Vehicles exceeding the speed limit are referred to the Police with the aim of educating drivers to reduce their speeds. In cases where education is blatantly ignored and evidence of repeat or excessive offences is collated (even across county borders), enforcement and prosecution follow.  The recently announced recruitment of a new enforcement officer, who will go out on patrol with the CSW teams, and improvements to police IT systems will mean that more drivers caught speeding by us as volunteers will be fined.


I will gladly co-ordinate our CSW and I am asking for volunteers.  We will receive training, high visibility clothing and recording equipment.  Working together, I am certain that we can make our community safer for our families and friends. If you are interested, please do email me at  Thank you.

Parish Council Meeting:

Mon 13th November 2023.Draft Minutes

Next Meeting: Mon 8th January 2024 -  Agenda to follow

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