Refuse Collection Dates


Normal household refuse is collected fortnightly on a Monday.  Full calendar here


Next Household Waste (Grey Bin)  

  • Thu 2 Jun 22

  • Thu 16 Jun 22


NB. Household waste (only) collection days changed to Thursdays at end Feb 22.

Black Boxes & Blue Bins are collected fortnightly.


Next Black Box & Blue Bin collections are:

South Newton, Stoford, Little Wishford and Chilhampton Postcodes 

(SP2 0AB, SP2 0AD, SP2 0AE, SP2 0PJ, SP2 0PS, SP2 0QA, SP2 0QB, SP2 0QD, SP2 0QE, SP2 0QF, SP2 0QG, SP2 0QH, SP2 0QJ, SP2 0QP, SP2 0QR, SP2 0QS, SP2 0QW, SP2 0QX, SP2 0QY, SP2 0QZ, SP2 0RB, SP2 0RC, SP2 0RD & SP2 ORH):


  • Tue 31 May 22

  • Tue 14 Jun 22


Stoford Bottom Postcodes (SP2 0PP, SP2 0PW, SP2 0PX & SP3 4UG):


  • Thu 26 May 22

  • Thu 9 Jun 22


What you can put in your Black Box and Blue Bin has changed. Under the new system: glass and textiles would still go in the black box. Anything else recyclable could go in the Blue lidded bin. Examples of items that can go in the blue lidded bin are plastic bottles, pots, tubs, trays, cardboard boxes, food and drink cartons, paper, food and drink cans, aerosols and foil.

Garden Waste (Green) Bins are collected every other Monday (dates below).  


Next Green Bin collections are:  


  • Mon 23 May 22

  • Mon 6 Jun 22

Bank Holiday Dates: Collections as normal over the Bank Holiday.


Black Boxes:


What can go in them


Large Items


Wiltshire Council run a special service for the collection of bulky household waste.

Further details of the bulky household waste collection.

Buy a discounted Food waste composter

Green Bins:


There is a charge of £50 for the collection of garden waste from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.


Existing customers  If you already a garden waste customer, Wiltshire Council will contact you in mid-May regarding renewing your collections for 1 July 2021 - 30 June 2022.  This will be using the email address provided, where they have one.


Details of the renewal process


Not an existing customer?

You can sign up for the service at any point. If you wish to sign up part-way through the year, you will pay on a quarterly, pro-rata basis. See information below.  If you would like to sign up, call Witshire Council on 0300 456 0103


Bins will be emptied fortnightly, except for two weeks over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.


New Customers


There are two ways you can sign up and pay for the service:


Securely online by debit or credit card using  NB American Express cards are not accepted,



Over the phone by calling 0300 456 0103


To ensure continuity of collection, payment should be made by 10 Aug 20.


More details of the renewals process


Parish Council Meeting:

Wed 3rd March 2022.

Draft Minutes


Next Meeting: Thu 12th May 2022 - Parish Council AGM at 7pm Agenda followed by the Parish Council Meeting Agenda


200 Club - March Winners


Valley Art; details 



Swans W.I.  May 2022 meeting report; date of next meeting: 

2nd June 2022.