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Site Statistics as at 30th April 2024

The graph below shows the visitors, by month, to the site over the last year.   See Daily statistics.

Histogram of website visitors Apr 23 - Apr 24

The record of visitors is now much more accurate.  Previously the “hit counter” included all visits by automated “bots”, not all of which are malign, the major search engines (eg Google, Bing & Yahoo) may each visit a site 20+ times a day for cataloguing purposes.  Bot visits are now excluded, consequently our daily visitor count is now significantly lower than previously.

Parish Council Meeting:

Mon 4th March 2024.Draft Minutes

Next Meeting: Mon 13th May 2024:  Agenda

200 Club:  April 2024  Winners

Valley Art; details 


Swans W.I.  

May 2024 meeting report; date of next meeting: 6th June 2024

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