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St Andrew's Church
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St Andrew's Church South Newton SP2 0QD

What's On at St Andrew's Church (StAC) 2024

Regular Church Services

These occur on the first Sunday of every month at 9.30am.

Special Church Service / Events / Celebrations

These include special services of worship, events and celebrations to bring new and old friends together at our Church, Village Hall or other venues.​​

  • 19 May 24: Families @ Four

A themed short, informal service for families at 4pm with crafts for the children, followed by afternoon tea of sandwiches and cakes. The tea is free of charge, but donations will be graciously accepted.  Please come along and join in the fun, we have more space now. Parents of children who have attended events before have said, they would like more regular events.

Normally occurs on the third Sunday of the month

We are hoping to have a café open at the church in due course and to have lunches, music events, craft sessions, etc.

If you have any ideas for Community Events or would like to help with running any event, or if you have any talents or skills that you are willing to offer, please contact Adrian Softley (Church Warden) on 07899 844929 or or Laura Myers

Volunteers are always welcome, as many hands make light work. Your input will be very much appreciated. Please join us and make new friends.

If you would like to support our Church financially, please contact our Treasurer, Mrs Nikki Softley via email:

Volunteering for Church Cleaning

I would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who help with cleaning at St. Andrews Church; it is very much appreciated and many hands make light work.


It has been decided to dispense with the cleaning rota and let everyone know the dates that cleaning will take place, so that, if you are available to help on those dates, you can just come along at 10:00am. The church will only need a dust, polish and de-cobweb and sweep once a month on the Saturday before our regular services, which are the first Sunday of each month:

  • 4th May,

  • 1st June,

  • 3rd August,

  • 31st August,

  • 28th September,

  • 30th November.


A deeper clean will take place seasonally, once per quarter from 10:00am on the following dates: 

  • Winter Wash - 3rd February 24

  • Spring Clean - Sat 6th April 24                        

  • Summer Spruce - Sat 6th July 24

  • Autumn Ablution - Sat 2nd November 24   

Refreshments will be available on all cleaning days.

Please make notes in your diaries accordingly.

If you would like more information about these events, please contact Laura Myers: email  

Parish Council Meeting:

Mon 4th March 2024.Draft Minutes

Next Meeting: Mon 13th May 2024:  Agenda

200 Club:  April 2024  Winners

Valley Art; details 


Swans W.I.  

May 2024 meeting report; date of next meeting: 6th June 2024

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