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Warm & Safe Wiltshire (WSW) energy support

Warm and Safe Wiltshire Poster with telephone number

WSW is a free local energy advice service for people living in Wiltshire.WSW provides support for people struggling to keep warm and unable to afford their heating or with a broken heating system.


This winter, you're likely to meet many people who are avoiding turning on their heating because they’re worried about the cost, or they might find their heating is broken and be unable to afford to fix it. But living in a cold home is bad for physical and mental health.


WSW helps people stay warm and safe at home by offering practical advice and support, including financial assistance. We want to make local people aware of the financial help available, which could be a lifeline for people living without warmth or struggling to afford their energy bills. You can help by directing them to WSW.


Through the Household Support Fund people can receive up to £3k toward the cost of replacing their broken heating system.  


To be eligible for the Household Support Fund you must:

  • Have a broken or intermittently working heating system (this includes any type of system).

  • Be on a low income, earning up to £25k for single householders or up to £32k for more than two people, or receive means tested benefits like universal credit, income support or housing benefit.

  • Live in Wiltshire and own your own home.

  • However, if someone falls outside of these criteria, we also review everyone’s case individually. It’s very likely we’ll still be able to help.


This funding is available until the end of March 2024. We really want to make sure anyone who can benefit from this support is aware of its existence.


If you think someone would benefit from this or other energy saving support, please refer them to us using this form or urge them to contact us themselves on 0800 038 5722, or using the self-referral form.

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